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Web Design Agency FAQ

Web design agencies provides services to help you create your website. We work with a team of professionals to help you with designing and developing your website and also providing SEO services to you.
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Before you reach out to an agency for help with designing a website, you should ask yourself a few questions first. With these questions, you need to be able to answer with a clear and concise response. Otherwise you could potentially spend a lot more time and money trying to organize yourself at the last second.
Download the web agency question checklist pdf and see if you can answer the questions about your website.

A website can vary from case to case and agency to agency. Sometimes you could need a fully custom made tool that’s unique to your audience needs or a simple whitelisted tool could do the trick. A 5 page website could cost from $1,000 to even $10-$15,000.
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At Rarieva, we give a timeline of about 3-6 months of production period. This accounts for all the steps in our process and any additional hiccups that might occur along the way. Take a look at our process and find out how we bring you from start to finish.
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There are many different ways an agency will take to create your custom website. Starting from project kick off to launching your site, an agency will usually start off with content gathering, style tiles, wireframes, mockups, and finish with SEO integrations. Here at Rarieva we follow a procedure that works best for us.
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SEO is an activity that helps with configuring your website’s technical aspects (On-page, Off-page, Local, and Technical SEO), your content quality, and keyword searches. This helps with your pages from becoming more findable, relatable, and popular with your audiences’ searches.

The first few steps to SEO is making sure your website is following Google’s guideline to a website. Make sure your content is user focused and not just to manipulate your ranking.
1. Ensure your website has a SSL certificate.
2. If you don’t have a physical address, see if you can purchase a mailbox from UPS.
3. If your content is brief and short, try to beef it up. These are some things you can do by yourself without the help of an agency.
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Google stated in 2002, “Make pages for users, not for search engines.”, a quote that I always tell my clients when they ask “What is the best strategy to SEO?”. As long as you practice the basics to Google’s E-E-A-T and create content that your audience will value, you’ll start ranking over time.

On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Local SEO, and Technical SEO. Each of these 4 categories play hand in hand on how well your website might rank on Google.
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