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We help with On-page, Off-page, and Content SEO.

SEO Services in Richmond

seo services in richmond

Rarieva helps companies globally but we target SEO services in Richmond, BC. We help with anything that impacts your SEO ranking on Google. Starting from On-page SEO to Technical SEO.

What do we help you with?
  • On-Page SEO – Is how Google sees your website
    • We make sure all the components on the webpage is optimized. Contents like, title, meta descriptions, first 100 words, etc.
  • Off-Page SEO – Are practices outside of your website
    • Practices includes link building, page speeds, site structure, etc.
  • Technical SEO – Practices to make it easier Google to crawl your site
    • Technical SEO techniques includes ensuring your pages are no more than 3 clicks away from the homepage, checking for crawlability, indexing, site speed, etc
  • Content SEO – Creation of content optimized for SEO
    • Finding keywords for your content and searching for new content ideas to help your website rank better.

SEO Pricing

Rarieva charges their client after we prove to them we can drive results. We don’t charge you monthly fee like most companies do. Instead we produce the first website ranking impression then we receive our first deposit.

Pay for Results

You pay for results, not promises.

Full SEO Optimization

On-page, Off-page, Technical SEO, we do it all.

No Contracts

There are no contracts with our SEO services.

Rank Math

Rank Math helps easily implement our SEO strategy.

Our SEO Strategy

“If it isn’t on Google, it doesn’t exist” – Jimmy Wales

We optimize all of your website, achieving higher website ranking in Google. We don’t charge you separately for keywords and optimization. We mean it when we provide “SEO services”. There is no reason for SEO services to be separated by basic packages and advanced packages.

On Page SEO

Our first step is to make sure on page SEO is up to Google’s standards. We provide our advice and smooth out the rough edges.

Off Page SEO

Then we move on to your off page SEO. Taking a look at your meta tags, UX, site structure, etc.

Content Marketing & Editing

If you already have a blog set up, we update it with proper keywords and give a outside look on what content needs to be improved.

SEO Checklist

There are time and money saving things you can do before you hire an agency. Download the PDF and see if you need to check some points first.

Download SEO Checklist

Address can play a big part on your location for Google to find you.

Content Density

Is your website very thin on content? Consider increasing the word count.

SSL Certificate

Make sure your website has a SSL certificate. Contact your hosting provider to gain more information.


Make sure your design is easy for outsiders to follow. Ask someone who is new to your industry for opinions.

Having an expert help you with SEO ranking is one of the best strategy to increase organic traffic. An SEO expert does not only provide you with keywords to add into your site but they enter into a long-term relationship with you. This helps them understand your business goals and needs.

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At Rarieva, we pride our SEO services with the motto “You pay for results, not promises”. This means you don’t pay until we prove we can drive results for you.

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To this day, SEO is still very important for small businesses. Don’t think just because your industry is very competitive SEO will not be effective. Proper SEO strategy can rank you up there with your competitors if done correctly.

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A proper SEO company should be providing you with weekly or monthly SEO reports that has data on your organic traffic. There should be constant communication on what needs to be improved on your website. There should also be some kind of analytics installed on your CMS that shows a graph of your organic traffic.

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Are you sick of paying for monthly SEO services without results? We don’t expect you to pay until we prove our worth.

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