Web Agency Process

Perfected to help save you time

There are no winding, twisting roads here — our process is streamlined to bring you a premium product.

Website Development Process

Our web agency process is a carefully crafted website development process so you can enjoy your forever custom website.


We always have our clients answer our short questionnaire to make sure the end result is what you imagined. We’re the visionaries and you’re the prophet.

  • Project Definition

Let’s sit down and discuss what the your project is about.

  • Goals

Map out goals and dreams so we can realize them.

  • Content Collection

We will need all the wonderful ideas you want to share.

  • Site Audit

Having an original site audit on a piece of paper let’s you see what your site is ranking for.


We take the information you’ve given us and visualize it into a presentable first draft in Figma. We’ll go over it together to cement the good ideas and smooth out the bad.

  • Information Architecture

Brainstorming where each piece of information will go to ensure better clickthrough.

  • Page Layout

Piecing together little grey boxes to optimize flow of content.

  • Wireframes & Mockup

We create a blueprint of where all images and content will go.

  • Homepage Prototype

We’ll present you with a lo-fi mockup of your homepage.

  • Subpage Prototype

As with your homepage, you’ll be given mockups of all subpages.


This is where the magic happens! You’ll receive constant updates so the end result is ready to be loved by you and your audience.

  • Brand Deck

We showcase your new site’s colors, typography and other brand elements.

  • Visual Elements

We string together your site’s images, buttons and icons that compliment your brand deck.

  • Homepage Buildout

Colors and visuals are added to your page prototype to assess your aesthetic vision.

  • Initial Training

Training on your new WordPress environment.


After working through the rough edges and getting your final nod of approval, your project is ready to be seen by the world. Get ready for the attention!

  • Subpage Buildout

Subpages will undergo the same process as homepage buildout.

  • Final Training

A complete training on your new forever site.

  • Content Population

Your content is injected into the site for the final review.

  • Final Quality Assessment

We thoroughly review your site for errors and adjustments, leaving no rock unturned.

Post Launch

We’ll never leave you high and dry — every project includes 30 days of post-launch maintenance. Once you’ve worked with us, you’re part of the Rarieva family.

  • Lifetime Free Q&A for site

Ask away! We are happy to provide answers to any questions pertaining to sites we have built.

  • 30-Day Site Maintenance

For any unforeseen hiccups, we are here for you for 30-days post-launch.

How We Bring Your Project Together

Take a look at how a professional web agency process can transform your puzzle pieces and turn it into your new favorite place on the Internet.

The Frame

It all begins with building the information architecture to strategize what will go where.

A website's sitemap
The Sketch

A sneak peak of how your content will look, with the new structure we have built for you.

    website's wireframe for a homepage
    website's wireframe for a services page
    website's wireframe for a about us page
The Paint

It starts to feel real when your newly acquired corporate colours get added!

A website's style tile
    website's prototype for a homepage
    website's prototype for a services page
    website's prototype for our process page
    website's prototype for an about us page
The Masterpiece

With every piece in its place, your website is ready to launch. Get out there and impress your clients with your newly designed website!

Complete look for a website on desktop, tablet, and mobile
Homepage for Basecamp, a communication app


By using Basecamp, we can consolidate all messages and files into one application so all information related to your project will be organized and in one place.

Tracking your project

Track the timeline of your website with us. We don’t work behind a closed door. Every step is a collaboration between both parties.

A Gantt chart to track your website

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